11.3.2 Either/Neither

1. The climate in this part of the world is the most suitable for people to live in. It is ..... too hot, .... too cold. 2. Many lasers give off invisible radiation ..... infrared ..... ultraviolet. 3. There is the tropical zone on ..... side of the Equator. 4. It is possible to divide all countries into classes: developed and developing countries. Various criteria may be used to include a particular country in ..... of the two categories. 5. The numbers are ..... odd .... even. 6. Such satellites can contain .... television cameras .... photographic equipment for transmitting pictures to Earth. 7. Upon meeting a stranger a man could ..... stand and fight .... turn away before discovering if the stranger was a friend or an enemy, or greet the stranger and possibly become friends.


Решение: 11.3.2