11.6.4 Fill in gaps

Superconducting materials are substances which can transmit electric currents with no loss of energy at temperatures much higher than conventional superconductors. One use for the new superconductors would be to replace those that need the extreme cold of liquid helium. Other types of electromagnets made with superconductors could be used to lower the cost of electric generation and storage.

Reseachers now estimate that tiny but immensely powerful highspeed computers using superconductors may be three to five years away. Futher off are speed trains that float on magnetic cushions . Power lines that can meet a city's electric needs with superconducter cables may be even further in the future. Scientists around the world are trying to turn the new materials into useful products. Among the most notable is a micron-thin film to transmit useful amounts of electric current without losing superconductivity.


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