12.8 Test your knowledge


12.8 Test your knowledge

Choose an appropriate word: Mir also gave citizens of more than a dozen countries their first _____________________________ to explore space. Russia learned how to build and __________________________ complex structure in space. The multi-national crews will be alternately composed by a Russian ___________________ . The International Space Station may be the world’s most ___________________ engineering project in the history. The __________________________________of the broad international program would require more than 40 billion dollars. This program is supposed to ________________________________ scientific investigations in the absence of gravity. It is very important that all of these elements made by different __________________ should fit together and operate properly. It was planned that Russia would _______________________________ and deliver 12 modules for the future station.

Change form of the word in brackets using suffixes or/and prefixes: The International Space Station is a Ответ collaboration of 15 nations working together to create a world-class, state-of-the-art orbiting research facility.(COLLABORATE) Мodular stations can allow modules to be added to or removed from the existing structure, allowing greater Ответ flexibility .(FLEXIBLE) SpaceX has multiple contracts with NASA to send up cargo and Ответ eventually astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS).(EVENT) The manned orbiting research laboratory was a NASA concept for a small Ответ cylindrical space station. (CYLINDER) Astronaut candidates must be psychologically able to withstand the pressures of flight and the Ответ requirements for teamwork.(REQUIRE) The space environment is an unforgiving and Ответ unfriendly one.(FRIEND) Approaching the speed of light, a person inside a Ответ spaceship would age much slower than his twin at home.(SPACE) Advances in quantum theories could perhaps provide some understanding of how to Ответ overcome time travel paradoxes.(COME)

Fill in gaps. 2 words are extra: The absence of convection allows molten metals or other materials to be mixed more thoroughly in orbit than on Earth, opening the way to a whole new world of com­posite materials. Scientists plan to study this field, to create better metal alloys and more perfect materials for applications such as computer chips. Investigations that use lasers to cool atoms to near absolute zero may help us understand gravity itself.

Choose the form of The Subjunctive Mood, Mind the sentence type, where it is used. The pilot would be safe at Mach 2 if he (to wear) an air-cooled pressure suit. It is essential that a careful examination of the powerplant (to make) before each flight. Taking in to account Phobos gravity, if an astronaut threw the stone, it (to orbit) the entire moon. If all submersibles had had autonomous principle of operation (to become) much more useful. If the orbit were parallel with the equator, the satellites (to make) to stay permanently over a particular point on the surface.

Open the brackets using The Subjunctive Mood, Mind the type of the sentence, where it is used. Metal parts are tested for defects lest they (to fail) in operation. Tsiolkovky proposed that the liquid propellant (to use) for space travel. If you (to be) on the first manned space station your task would be to study the stars and planets. If he were not so absent-minded, he (not miss) the train yesterday. If this system detected an equipment malfunction then signals regarding the defect (to transmit) to a ground station.

Желательно, чтобы этот метод был проверен на практике. Сделайте точные расчёты, чтобы не провалить эксперимент. Пилот воздушного судна получил бы всю необходимую информацию, если бы вовремя связался с радио навигационной станцией. Если бы их мечты воплотились и такие аппараты были бы созданы, человечество узнало бы о секретах океана гораздо раньше. Наш метод можно было бы обобщить. (в будущем)


Решение: 12.8 Test your knowledgeРешение: 12.8 Test your knowledgeРешение: 12.8 Test your knowledgeРешение: 12.8 Test your knowledgeРешение: 12.8 Test your knowledgeРешение: 12.8 Test your knowledgeРешение: 12.8 Test your knowledgeРешение: 12.8 Test your knowledgeРешение: 12.8 Test your knowledgeРешение: 12.8 Test your knowledgeРешение: 12.8 Test your knowledge