12.2.2 Work with lexical units

off-planet - внепланетный; resupply - дозаправка; life expectancy - расчетный срок службы; crew - экипаж; investigation - исследование; highly skilled - высококвалифицированный; space exploration - освоение космоса; complexity - комплектность; engineering - проектирование.

assembly - сборное изделие; facilities - приспособления; occupy - занимать; involvement - задействование; achievement - достижение; conduct - проводить; complex - сложный; support - поддержка; promotion - продвижение товаров на рынок

The Russians and Americans are equal partners in the implementation of this massive ... It is very important hat all individual elements coming from different suppliers ... The ISS is more than merely the next great adventure of the space age: ... It is suggested that Russia ... The cost of the station is likely ... The multi-national crew will occupy the station ... Space experts expect the official life ...

Russia was the first nation into space and is recognized as the world's leader in building space stations and conducting long-duration space missions. Since Yuri Gagarin's epic flight Russian science and engineering have come a long way. space technologies remains Russia's deepest source of pride. Russia has launced a great number of space vehicle designed to perform a variety of functions. Unmanned satellites have been of great significance in the exploration of the outer space. These satellites are provided with scientific equipment/devices for space navigation of civil aviation and ships, as well as exploration of the World Ocean.


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