12.2.4 Make a sentence

You are the only person she would listen to. Nancy wishes she could drive. Were I you I should speak to him. For long journeys in a car one could use automatic guidance system. Would you be so kind to pass this design brief. You might be surprised if you watched a laser operate.

If you had asked the direction we wouldn't have got lost. If this were your car would you lend it to other people? If I had asked to order the book it could have been used in my work. If you need to talk to operator press 3. If we hadn't forgotten the bread the lunch would have been much better. I would have called you if I had had your telephone number.

They knew they would obtain the data required. Without gravity there would be no pressure in liquids. It was suggested that the machine should be tested once more. It is demanded that the task be fulfilled on time. If you had been informed about the conference yesterday, you would have got all information. Burning would be impossible if the air were entirely composed of nitrogen.


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