12.3.1 Work with lexical units and text 12A

the fact of doing something together or of working together towards a shared aim. to fill or use a space, an area or an amount of time. determined to be successful, rich, powerful, etc. connected with or involving two or more countries. if a situation, an event or an activity involves something, that thing is an important or necessary part or result of it. the act of making something that has been officially decided start to happen or be used. covering a large area; great in amount. to organize and/or do a particular activity.

ISS will ___________________of 36 modules and hundreds of individual elements that come from all over the world. This mission is intended to learn how to build a massive SC __________________________ 400 tons in the orbit. It is very important that all of these elements made by different __________________ should fit together and operate properly. ISS is expected to be a permanent off-planet _________________________ of human civilization. The fifth ______________________________ station’s complexity is as awesome as its size. ISS will be a multi-room hotel and research _________________________ orbiting the Earth. It is also about promoting international cooperation and creating thousands of peaceful jobs for highly ____________workers and engineers. Russia learned how to build and __________________________ complex structure in space.

The most successful Mir space station was launched in February 1986. It was expected to have a lifetime of only five years but it has been in orbit for 15 years before its controlled re-entry into the atmosphere. This space station was equipped with an astronomical observatory module named Kwant. To keep productivity high, Russian designers paid much attention to the space station livability. The interior of Mir was painted in two colors to provide the cosmonauts with the sense of floor and ceiling. On Mir cosmonauts got two days off each week and had special radio so that they could talk to their families.


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