12.5.3 Word formation sentences (open the brackets)

Governments and private operators are taking steps to avoid creating additional space debris.(ADD) An orbital airship is a space transportation system that uses lighter-than-air vehicles to carry payloads.(TRANSPORT) The manned orbiting research laboratory was a NASA concept for a small cylindrical space station. (CYLINDER) The module provides battery power, fuel storage and rendezvous and docking capability for Soyuz and Progress space vehicles.(STORE) The Zvezda Service Module was the first fully Russian contribution to the International Space Station.(CONTRIBUTE) The center of the station serves as a docking port for various space shuttles. (VARY) Spacewalks and moonwalks are collectively known as extravehicular activity. (ACT) The laboratory is used for transporting scientific experiments, materials and supplies to the station via the space shuttles.(SCIENCE) The station will dramatically improve our ability to live and work in space over the long-term. (able) With the arrival of Mir, a new version of the supply ship, known as Progress-M, was brought into service. (ARRIVE)


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