12.5.4 Grammar I

These words can help to carry out this task: otherwise - иначе, in case - в случае, as though -как будто, even if - даже если, lest чтобы не, so that - так, так что, as if -будто, if only - эх, если только, even though - хотя бы, и хотя, so long as - пока, providing - при условии, in order that - для того чтобы. Put your money into the pocket lest you should lose it. I am afraid lest it should rain tomorrow. He talked about Rome as though he had been there himself. She speaks English as though she had lived in England all her life. My friend fears lest he should make too many mistakes in the test. even though they say they care for the welfare of animals, they are still businesses and mainly make a profit. We fear lest the police should come. He brought me the book so that I should read it. He looks as if he didn't know that fact. I'll be in my office just before the exam in case anyone has any last-minute questions.


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