12.6.4 Word formation

The shop specializes in hand-made chocolates. After completing the course, they select a specialization in specific fields such as metal, woodworking or textiles. This type of wood needs special treatment. The vehicle was designed especially for use in the desert.

Fill in gaps according to the context New rules sometimes complicate the tax system. She developed complications after the surgery. I need a break, a complete change of scene. I agree with you completely.

The spaceship has the ability to move throughout our solar system, avoiding collisions with cosmic dust. (ABLE) Following several successful explorations into space, companies are now considering the possibility of enabling tourists to visit space.(SUCCESS) Food is dehydrated or freeze-dried, and stored in plastic packages.(HYDRATE) Outside the protective shield of the Earth's atmosphere, astronauts have to contend with high radiation levels. (PROTECT) Astronauts practice land survival skills, in the event that their flights don't end with the smooth landings. (SURVIVE) Passengers would be transported to a height of between 100 and 160 km above earth.(HIGH) The space environment is an unforgiving and unfriendly one.(FRIEND) Space adaptation involves some very complex changes in the human body, both short-term and long-term.(ADAPT) Necessary technical solutions and scientific discoveries come out every day. (SCIENCE) People who go to space are usually self-confident risk-takers, adept at stress management and multitasking.(MANAGE)


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