12.6.5 Grammar II

An orbital correction maneuver is vital to keep the ISS in a stable orbit around the Earth. Regardless, it _______________________ several years for ISS to crash down to Earth as a result of orbital decay. Artificial astronaut assistant could support astronauts with their high workload of experiments and maintenance and repair work lest astronauts ______________________ to much stress. When you stand under the Sun at midday of a winter day, you are receiving mostly the same amount of Sun radiation (heat) as if you __________________ under the Sun at the end of a summer day. Having completed on-orbit tasting the satellite __________________ to their operational orbit using their own propulsion systems. It is suggested that astronaut assistant CIMON-2 ________________________ to follow verbal commands to move to a particular location, regardless of where it was to begin with. Experts wish the mission ____________________ a unique window into the violent history of collisions and accretion that created terrestrial planets. They _______________________________ raw materials from asteroids, but there was no need to go so far in the search for the raw materials we need on Earth. For its missions, ISS needed a foam padding capable of absorbing shock so that crew members ____________________. It is important keeping track of the vast number of satellites, alive and dead, plus other space debris, in orbit lest any satellite or space vehicle ________________________. Earth observation platform convenient access to imaging data at the resolution of 2.5m, but its launch had been postponed. A space company wishes it _________________ an app to allow anyone with a telescope to track satellites and space debris. The designers wish intelligent artificial assistants ________________cosmonauts to reduce stress.


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