12.7.3 Work with lexical units

Vehicle, Reliable, Durable, To converge, Property, To appear, A substance, Instantly, Reconstruct, To damage, Surface. Wire, To generate, To store, Liquid, solid, To desire, To exist, The challenge, To provide, Propulsion, An engine.

Fill in the gaps according to the context: How much should the teacher guide and direct the students? The aircraft was flying in a northerly direction . Directional radio equipment receives or sends stonger signal in particular waves. They remain directly opposed to these new plans.

He considers it his duty. Careful consideration should be given to issues of health and safety. Damage to the building was considerable . Pollution levels have considerably reduced in this time.

He flexed the muscles of his right arm. The new system offers a much greater degree of flexibility in the way work is organized. Our plans need to be flexible enough to cater for the needs of everyone. Managers must respond flexibly to new developments in business practice.

I found it difficult to relate the two ideas in my mind. In particular, relativity provides the basis for understanding cosmic processes and the geometry of the universe itself. We need to assess the relative importance of each of these factors. I found the test relatively easy.


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