12.7.5 Grammar Corner

Fill in the gap with the proper conjunction according to the context: _______________going further let us be sure we understand the rule. There is no flow of electrons _____________________ the electric current was broken. Motion means change of place or position ________________________the motion of some other object that we assume as being at rest. ___________________ everything was ready the signal was given to start the testing. ________________ the system of traffic control remains unchanged the safety problem will not be solved. The steam engine could not be set in motion _________________the steam pipe was damages. _________ you oil the moving parts regularly, they will soon wear out. ______________________the law of the conservation of energy, the useful work done by a machine is less than the total work performed by it. In some cases friction should be taken into consideration, _______________________ small it may be. ________________ the release of the potential energy of the atomic nucleus the mankind has entered the atomic age.


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