It is also about promoting international cooperation and creating thousands of peaceful jobs for highly ____________workers and engineers. Change form of the word in brackets using suffixes or/and prefixes Ответ Unprotected presence in space is characterised by an intense radiation field. (protect)

Fill in gaps. Complete the text using an appropriate word. 2 words are extra. experiences on the space shuttle have helped prepare astronauts for living conditions aboard the ISS. The astronauts are involved in scientific research and station maintenance that occupy them for about 9 hours a day. The kitchen on the station has refrigerators and freezers . Refrigerator can allow NASA to supply milk to help with bone loss in space flight. A glass of nice cold milk was asked for years. The shuttle food was low in fiber.

It is essential that the pilot (to take) measures immediately. Even if I had a dictionary, I don't believe I (to be able) to write the test. Если бы я сейчас был на вашем месте, я решил бы эту проблему по-другому.


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