The International Space Station (ISS) is the most complex and ________________ structure that has ever been launched and built in space. ISS will ___________________of 36 modules and hundreds of individual elements that come from all over the world. This mission is intended to learn how to build a massive SC __________________________ 400 tons in the orbit. ISS is expected to be a permanent off-planet _________________________ of human civilization. This program is supposed to ________________________________ scientific investigations in the absence of gravity.

In April 1971, history's first space station, Salyut 1, was ... and over the next 15 years six its subsequent version operated in ... . Many orbital manned flights were performed aboard these stations involving a lot of cosmonauts, most of them having flown several times. Russian ... are known to hold the record for the longest time in ... . In 1973, two years after Salyut 1, the USA launched Skylab the Western World's first ... which was used for three highly successful ... . All these ... missions paved the way for ever longer stay aboard the Russian Mir space station and, then, ... the International Space Station.

1. The three-person multinational crews will ... 2. It is important that elements of the ISS made by different suppliers should ... 3. Some space experts would like to attract commercial users in order ... 4. The International Space Station (ISS) is ... 5. The station involves ...

She’s having some ... tests done to find out what’s causing the malfunction. We have ... new ways to deliver products to the station. The ... for new sources of energy is vital for the future of our planet. Magellan was a famous 16-th century ... .

His work is of great ... to aerodynamics. There has been a ... increase in the number of women astronauts in recent years. Einstein contributed ... to the early development of quantum mechanics. Nobody really knows what the marks on the ancient stones ... .

Assembly of the International Space Station (ISS) began with the launches of the Russian control module Zarya on November 20, 1998. (ASSEMBLE) Astronauts exercise regularly in order to minimize muscle and bone loss. Space exploration can help us to discover new knowledge about own planet. (KNOW) Sixteen nations were involved in the construction of the ISS. (CONSTRUCT) Just as on Earth, recreation and sleep are important to good health when working in space. (CREATE) The food that the astronauts eat is mostly frozen and canned.(FREEZE) Crews are not only responsible for science, but also for maintaining the station.(RESPOND)

It is necessary that you (to come) a couple of days before the others. He talks about Rome as though he (to be) there himself. After the Challenger tragedy the military experts insisted that a new Shuttle (to be) built. It is desirable that international space cooperation (to give) significant economic advantage for countries involved. If he had worked more slowly, he (not make) so many mistakes. The accuracy of the system would be improved if signals (to transmit) on two frequencies simultaneously. If all submersibles had had autonomous principle of operation (to become) much more useful.

Some materials are cooled almost to -273C so that they (to become) superconductors. Even if I had a dictionary, I don't believe I (to be able) to write the test. Tsiolkovky proposed that the liquid propellant (to use) for space travel. If you (to be) on the first manned space station your task would be to study the stars and planets. If I had this tool, I (to give) it to you. You are the only person she (to listen) to. It is necessary that stability of space vehicles (to be) artificially provided.


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