Упр. 12 стр. 11 (Lesson 1)


Упражнение 12. Просмотрите упражнение 7 и текст 1А, ответьте на вопросы.

1. When does the academic year begin in this country? 2. How many exams did you pass to enter the University? 3. Do you pay for your education? 4. Do students get grants? 5. What subjects do students study in the first year? 6. Which subject is the most interesting for you? 7. Is there a sport center in your University? 8. What degree do students get after four years of study? 9. What degree can a student get after two years of further study and research? 10. What new education system is introduced in this country? 11. What specialities do people get after graduating from a university? 12. Why is higher education important in the life of every country?


1. The academic year in this country begins on the 1-st of September. 2. I passed 3 exams to enter the University. 3. I don't pay for my education. 4. About 75 percent of students receive state grants. 5. The first- and second-year students obtain thorough instructions in the fundamental sciences of mathematics, physics, chemistry and drawing as well as computer engineering and a number of others. The curricula are enriched and broadened by instructions in such subjects as foreign languages, history and economics. 6. Mathematics is the most interesting subject for me. 7. There is a large and excellent sport center in my University. 8. After four years students will get a bachelor's degree. 9. After two years of further study and research student can get a master's degree. 10. At present a new system of education is introduced in this country — a distance education system. 11. After graduating from the university they may go on with their study and research and may get a still higher degree. 12. Higher education plays an important part in the life of any country as it provides the country with highly-qualified specialists for future development and progress. It trains people to become teachers, engineers, doctors and other professional workers.