Упр. 19 стр. 13 (Lesson 1)


Упражнение 19. Найдите:

а) антонимы (слова, противоположные по значению)

to begin, to enter, young, large, to open, to take, quick, much, to graduate from, many, long, slow, little, to finish, old, small, to close, to give, few, short;

б) синонимы (слова, совпадающие по значению)

new, large, many, to begin, to take, to speak, to enter, to build, to do, to get, modern, big, to start, much, to make, main, to talk, to construct, to come into, major.


а) антонимы: to begin - to finish, to enter - to graduate from, young - old, large - small, to open - to close, to take - to give, quick - slow, much - little, many - few, long - short;

б) синонимы: new - modern, large - big, many - much, to begin - to start, to take - to get, to speak - to talk, to enter - to come into, to build - to construct, to do - to make, main - major.