Упр. 20 стр. 13 (Lesson 1)


Упражнение 20. Составьте предложения из следующих слов в соответствии с порядком слов в английском предложении.

1. has, buildings, our, several, institute. 2. subjects, students, many, the first-year, study. 3. the third-year, had, last, students, training, industrial, summer. 4. carry out, students, practical, work, in, laboratories, well-equipped. 5. problems, many, scientists, important, solve, our. 6. texts, difficult, Petrov, technical, translated. 7. his, will, the teacher, translation, correct. 8. next, dean, a lecture, deliver, our, week, will. 9. students, more, institutes, last, entered, a million, than, year.


1. Our institute has several buildings. 2. The first-year students study many subjects. 3. Last summer the third-year students had industrial training. 4. Students carry out practical work in well-equipped laboratories. 5. Our scientists solve many important problems. 6. Petrov translated difficult technical texts. 7. The teacher will correct his translation. 8. Next week our dean will deliver a lecture. 9. Last year more than a million students entered instiututes.