Упр. 23 стр. 14 (Lesson 1)


Упражнение 23. Напишите ответы на вопросы по следующему образцу:

Are there two presidents in the United States? No, there are not. There are not two presidents in the United States. There is one president in the United States

1. Are there thirteen months in a year? 2. Are there eight days in a week? 3. Are there fifty minutes in a hour? 4. Are there seventy seconds in a minute? 5. Are there forty days in a month? 6. Are there thirty days in February? 7. Are there thirty-two days in January? 8. Are there five seasons in a year?


1. There are not thirteen months in a year. There are twelve months in a year. 2. There are not eight days in a week. There are seven days in a week. 3. There are not fifty minutes in a hour. There are sixty minutes in a hour. 4. There are not seventy seconds in a minute. There are sixty seconds in a minute. 5. There are not forty days in a month. There are thirty days in a month. 6. There are not thirty days in February. There are twenty eight days in February. 7. There are not thirty two days in January. There are thirty one days in January. 8. There are not five seasons in a year. There are four seasons in a year.