Упр. 25 стр. 15 (Lesson 1)


Упражнение 25. Выразите согласие или несогласие.

1. Do you Study at school? 2. Are you a student of the third year? 3. Do you study many subjects? 4. Did you pass your entrance exams well? 5. Do you live in Moscow? 6. Do you live far from the institute? 7. Is English your favourite subject? 8. Will you go to the concert tomorrow? 9. Were your books taken from the library? 10. Do you live in the hostel?


1. No, i do not. 2. No, i am not. 3. Yes, i do 4. Yes, i did. 5. Yes, i do. 6. No, i do not. 7. Yes, it is. 8. Yes, i will. 9. Yes, they were. 10. No, i do not.