Упр. 13 стр. 49 (Lesson 3)


Упражнение 13. Определите время и залог глагола-сказуемого, переведите предложения.

A. 1.1 have not cleaned the window yet. I am cleaning it now. I have cleaned it. 2. But Bob has a different idea. 3, Last year she passed school leaving exams. 4. We will be studying for our exams at the end of the term. 5. While we were having supper, all the lights went out. 6. Will people speak the same language all over the world? 7. People will land on Mars in the 21st century. 8. I think cars will be powered by electric batteries in five years' time and they will not be powered by atomic power in 100 years' time. 9. The Earth is getting warmer because of the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

B. 1. It is evident that electricity will be the energy of the future. 2. The transformer was invented and the first electric lines and networks were set up at the end of the 19th century. 3. New powerful electric stations must be built because it is electricity that offers improved standards of life and work. 4. A combination of electric lines and networks are being set up throughout the country. 5. Electric power has become universal 6. Electricity is transmitted to distant parts of this country by a combination of electric networks. 7. Our power stations have been connected by high voltage transmission lines into several networks.


A 1. Present Perfect Active. Present Continuous Active. Present Perfect Active; 2. Present Simple Active; 3. Past Simple Active; 4. Future Continuous Active; 5. Past Continuous Active, Past Simple Active; 6. Future Simple Active; 7. Future Simple Active; 8. Present Simple Active, Future Simple Passive, Future Simple Passive; 9. Present Continuous Active.

B 1. Present Simple Active, Future Simple Active; 2. Past Simple Passive, Past Simple Passive; 3. Modal Passive, Present Simple Active; 4. Present Continuous Passive; 5. Present Perfect Active; 6. Present Simple Passive; 7. Present Perfect Passive.