Упр. 2 стр. 150 (Lesson 8)


Упражнение 2. Определите формы и функции герундия.

1. One of the best ways of keeping the speed steady is using a computer for this purpose. 2. Newton’s having made a mistake in his calculations has no influence on his theory. 3. On being turned on the radar will warn the driver of stationary or slow-moving objects on the road. 4. Upon being heated the molecules begin moving very rapidly. 5. The white line in the centre of the road is one of the most effective means of controlling traffic. 6. On graduating from the University S.P. Korolev began working in the field of rocket design. 7. The function of a car computer is detecting and summing up the information about the road conditions. 8. Monitoring and adjusting air pressure in tires is one of the new developments of the car designers. 9. It is difficult to solve some of the present-day scientific and technological problems without using supercomputers. 10. On seeing a red light on a panel and on hear-ing a warning sound the driver should decrease the speed. 11. By picking up infrared rays emitted by objects ahead of the car an image-processing system produces different images of objects. 12. On studying for half an hour before an exam one should switch over to some other activity.


1. keeping - Indefinite Active, определение; using - Indefinite Active, именная часть составного сказуемого. 2. having made - Perfect Active, подлежащее. 3. being turned - Indefinite Passive, обстоятельство. 4. being heated - Indefinite Passive, обстоятельство. 5. controlling - Indefinite Active, определение. 6. graduating - Indefinite Active, обстоятельство; working - Indefinite Active, часть составного глагольного сказуемого. 7. detecting, summing up - Indefinite Active, именная часть составного сказуемого. 8. monitoring, adjusting - Indefinite Active, подлежащее. 9. using - Indefinite Active, обстоятельство. 10. seeing, hearing - graduating - Indefinite Active, обстоятельство. 11. picking up - Indefinite Active, обстоятельство. 12. studying - Indefinite Active, обстоятельство.

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