Математические знаки на английском языке

+ plus

- minus

± plus or minus

= is equal to, equals

≠ does not equal

≡ identical, identically equal to

~ equivalent, similar (is similar to)

> is greater than

< is less than

→ approaches

∞ varies as, is propotional to

∞ infinity

ab a times b; a multiplied by b

a/b the ratio of a to b; a divided by b

proportion: a is to b as с is to d

an the n-th power of a; aaa... to n factors

√ radical sign

a square root of a

a-n the reciprocal of an; 1/an

log a common logarithm of a

log10 a logarithm of a to the base 10

ln a natural logarithm of a

F(x), f(x) function of x

y = f(x) у is a function of x

dy/dx, df(x)/dx the derivative of у with respect to x

d2y/dx2 the second derivative of у with respect to x

a' [ei] prime, dash

a" [ei] second, double prime, double dashed

an [ei] sub n, subscribed n

∫ integral sign

∫∫ double integral

( ) parentheses

[ ] brackets

{ } braces

LCM (lcm) least common multiple

GCD (gcd) greatest common divisor

∠ angle

∟ right angle

⊥ perpendicular (is perpendicular to)

| | parallel (is parallel to)

Δ triangle

▱ parallelogram

□ square

○ circle

∩ arc; А∩В (arc AB)

° degrees (of arc or angle)

' minutes of arc or angle; foot, feet

" seconds (of arc or angle); inches

sin A — sine of A

cos A — cosine of A

tan A — tangent of A

cot A (or ctn A) — cotangent of A

sec A — secant of A

cosec A (or esc A) — cosecant of A